Importance Of The Ghana Fanti Language

Importance Of The Ghana Fanti Language
Written by ObibaJk

Importance Of The Ghana Fanti Language

Language has been the original way to trade good and services and without it many people will rather turn into sign language to better themselves or to rich their daily life communications to the next level.

Ghana’s trending spoken language which is the greatest and peculiar to a all regions and social standard is the fanti dialect, it is used for trading and carrying daily work activities whether at the office or market because it is easy to learn and majority of Ghana have accepted it as their the number one language to be used for trading.

Well the Fanti language was originated from the Western and Central part of the country, mainly from the Akan people.

People who use more of the Fanti language are teachers, market woman, doctor, students, nurses, store owners, taxi drivers, trotro drivers and mates, koko sellers, beans sellers, fitas, mobile money vendors and many business owners to carries out their activities.

The language is also studies in most schools as a subject, Ghana own is the Fanti language and they can’t move away from it.

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