Bless Lyrics By Ice Prince

Bless By Ice Prince
Written by ObibaJk

Bless By Ice Prince

Ice Prince – Bless Lyrics. Below is the official awaited lyrics to trending legendary Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince new trending song tagged “Bless“.

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Arun check
Soldier go soldier come

Barack dey mi G…x3

Verse 1
Mhen I Been down I be down broke
Look into my eyes see the scars show
I remember time it was hard broke
Make me wanna be rich Chapo, Pablo
Down flow my type is A plus
I make familiar city for sure the pay box
Airport and hoes tell us the route thing
But when is no booking I get the mood swing
I’m on the phone arguing with my lady
She don’t understand why the boy so crazy
I wish I could explain but the word so fail me
I no go lie when she left mehn e pain me
We moving on keeping it G for my people tho
You know my pimps in the streets need little dough
And you all already know on the beat that I keep it pro
The way I lay the lines you will think that I’m sniffing coke
Asala maleku, maleku Salam
Only beef for when we celebrating Ramadan
Lebanon Dons on my cellu phone
Ain’t no core bored in my skeleton
Everything happens for a reason ((blessed
Life of a difference prison ((blessed
Lot of people locked up in the pri (((blessed
Bell time 7 o’clock in the evening (((blessed
I must thank God that I’m breathing
At least I got something I can believe in
Mehn I had crazy ass weekend I was swimming with the shacks swerving the deep in (((blessed
Okay okay I’m back with the flow no jokey jokey
You got to muscle up cos no pain no gain
All the boys just wan jus soke soke, I’m blessed
Dealing with a little bit stress
Thank God say we no get sweet
And I talk am with my full chest I’m blessed..nigga I’m blessed

Soldier go soldier come
Barack dey mi G…x3
Soldier go soldier come
Barack dey mi G…x3

Everything happens for a reason blessed
Life for a different prison blessed
A lot of people locked up in the ….bell time is 7 o’clock in the evening

I see the grown man tears in the eyes only question is why?
See the scars with the surface but the pain inside
Is a blessing to the free men alam da la la
Make money make friends, go to school and buy Benz
Travel around the world but look am for your man at the end
Loyalty over respect sometimes in the bed
Respect is reciprocal naw sometimes we pretend
Na so mad man dance collect money for dormoute
And another one do the same dance they pursue am comot
And it’s real rough, life is such a round of text
I’ma do me and let my God handle the rest

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